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Charlene L.M. Lam

Principal Investigator


Grace Letian Lei
Ph.D. student

Grace obtained her Master's degree in psychology from CUHK in 2021. She is now pursuing her PhD under the co-supervision of Prof. Charlene Lam and Prof. Tatia Lee at HKU. She has a broad interest in affective neuroscience. With her master thesis focusing on pleasant touch, she would like to further investigate how people perceive the tactile pleasure when touching companion animals, especially the underling brain activities. Additionally, she is also interested in exploring fear conditioning with both behavioral experiments and neuroimaging.

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Tiffany Hon
M.S.Soc in Clinical Psychology Student

Tiffany received her BSc (Psychology) from UCL, with Dean’s List and First Class Honours, and her MSocSc (Counselling) from the HKU, with Erik Kvan Scholarship and Distinction. She started off her career at UCL’s Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit, studying the effects of memory reconsolidation and reappraisal of maladaptive alcohol cognitions on destabilising alcohol memories in high-risk drinkers. Subsequently, during her time at Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, she focused on examining the expressions and common etiological vulnerabilities of substance-related and addictive disorders, in collaboration with the Division on Addictions, Harvard Medical School. During her last employment as a policy researcher, she focused on managing healthcare policy projects, including advancing Hong Kong’s primary-care and mental health policy development.  

Research interests: memory reconsolidation, substance-related and addictive disorders, fear and anxiety, mental health policy.

Photo_Luciana Lau.JPG

Luciana Lau
M.S.Soc in Clinical Psychology Student

Luciana received her BSc (Hon) in Psychology from the University of York and her MSc in Clinical Neurodevelopmental Sciences from King’s College London prior to joining the University of Hong Kong. She is particularly interested in the clinical population of neurodevelopmental disorders and was awarded the Sackler Prize by the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience for her dissertation on neural habituation to emotional faces in males with high functioning ASD. She is also keen to understand the underlying mechanisms of emotional experience and psychopathology.

Research interests: Affective processing, emotion regulation, attentional bias, interpretation bias, psychopathology

Photo_Angel Leung.JPG

Angel Leung
M.S.Soc in Clinical Psychology Student

Angel holds a master degree of arts in psychology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a master degree of social work from the University of Hong Kong, and a bachelor degree majoring in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Having worked and served different fields in different cities, Angel has gained diversified and substantial experience in dealing with an educational project in Beijing, conducting investigation on child abuse cases in Singapore and providing counselling services to corporate clients and hospital patients in Hong Kong.

Research Interests: Fear and anxiety, Workplace psychology, Workplace interventions, Psychological interventions

Photo_Andy Suen.jpg

Andy Suen
M.S.Soc in Clinical Psychology Student

Andy received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Hong Kong. Since then, he worked in Princess Margaret Hospital as a Psychology Assistant before joining the master programme. Being an anxious person, Andy is interested in exploring the underlying cognitive mechanism of anxiety. His favourite leisure activities are swimming and sitting on the bottom of the pool. He loves the calm feeling of being surrounded by water.

Research Interests: Chronic pain, Anxiety, Attention bias, Interpretation bias


Tianyi Yang
Technical assistant

Tianyi is an engineering undergraduate student and is studying in a joint program held by the University of Hong Kong and University of Cambridge. He has been working in the Microfluidics and Soft Matter Group in the University of Hong Kong as a student research assistant for two summers, mainly exploring liquid marbles and hydrogel. Somewhat different from other engineering students, he is also very interested in psychology and took a lot of relevant online courses during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is especially amazed by the ingenious design of the psychological experiments and dreams of working with psychologists.


Isabel Lau 
Summer intern

Isabel is doing a Bachelors of Social Science. She doubles major in psychology and sociology. Her research interests lie within abnormal psychology, more specifically anxiety and PTSD treatments, and cultural differences between regional groups.


Iris Tsui 
Summer intern

Iris is currently studying psychology at UCL. She is interested in the neurobiological mechanisms of mental disorders, in particular those related to memory deficits and anxiety. As a year one student, she is keen to explore different areas of psychology and engage in a variety of research experiences, paving her way to become a clinical psychologist in the future. She enjoys reading and learning new languages