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Participate in our research studies

Join the lab: Research

Duration: 1.5 hour in total, across 2 consecutive days (1 hour on the first day, and 0.5 hour on
the second day)

Procedure: participants will be presented with visual and auditory stimuli in a lab, complete a
battery of computer tasks, self-report and physiological measures.

Reimbursement: Earn HK$100 or 1.5 course credits

1. Aged 18 - 40 
2. With normal or corrected vision and hearing
3. Literate in English
4. Free from any current or history of psychiatric or neurological illnesses

If you are interested in participating, please WhatsApp 56455239,
email, or fill in the form

Join our lab

Research postgraduate students (Mphil/PhD)

I will be taking in postgraduate research students.   

Students with a background in psychology, neuroscience, computer science or engineering who are interested in mental health issues are encouraged to apply. 

If you would like to join the lab, please email with a copy of your CV and a short statement indicating why you are interested in joining the lab.  

note: If you submit your application in the Main Round, it is not obligatory to send me your CV and research proposal in advance.  Short-listed candidates in the Main Round will be approached individually and interviewed for the position. 

Research Assistant 

We are hiring a full-time research assistant. The position shall commence in September 2023.  

Summer Intern

If you are interested in joining the lab as a summer intern, please email with a copy of your CV and a short statement indicating why you are interested in joining the lab. For shortlisted candidates, we shall conduct an interview in May 2023.    

Applicants should be a Year 3/4 or junior/senior year student in Social Sciences, Neurosciences, Statistics, or related discipline; a good command of written and spoken English and Chinese (preferably Cantonese for conducting certain research studies); competence in quantitative research method and analysis in psychology/neuroscience. They should be responsible and self-motivated. They are expected to work independently but also work well as a team. 

Application window: March - April 2023 

Join the lab: Project
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